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Book Review #2 — WordPress To Go – How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

Wordpress To Go - How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Own Domain From Scratch Even If You Are A Complete Beginner
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I had never worked with WordPress before, so when I was told I had to setup a website of my own for blogging and posting my writing projects, I knew I needed help to get started. There are many books available, but I chose this one because it said it was specifically for the complete beginner. I may well need more detailed information in future, but to start out, I wanted the very basic information, presented in a logical order. I did get my website setup and online using this book.

Starting with getting your domain and installing WordPress, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Note that I decided to setup a hosted website on GoDaddy. Different website hosting providers require different steps to install WordPress, but I was able to get through the installation, and it worked the first time, using the instructions in this book. The chapters cover all the basic tasks in great detail, which is what I needed. I learned how to login to my website to perform administrative chores and basic issues when designing a website. Because I had never used WordPress, I didn’t know how to create a page for my website or create a blog post, and these tasks were covered, in detail.

I needed to upload images for my blog posts and I was able to do this without problems. I didn’t know what a static page was, but I learned how to set it up so that my website always shows the same home page. At the time, I was using one of the free WordPress themes just to setup my site, but I was looking for help to choose a theme. The chapter on how to choose and install a theme helped me decide what I was after as I looked at the many themes available. Once I had settled on a theme, I was able to switch my website to use the new theme.

Learning to use WordPress requires learning about many things, and I was lost when it came to plugins. I followed the recommendations as to what plugins to install and it all worked for me on the first go. At this point I had my website online and I was adding blog posts and images. The last chapters provided an introduction to search engine optimization, how HTML works and how to expand your WordPress skills further.

This book covers the basics of setting up a new WordPress website and assumes no prior experience. It was exactly what I needed at the time. Reading this book got my site online quickly with very little drama. Given that I didn’t have any previous experience with WordPress, and how quickly I was able to get my new site online, this book provided exactly what it promised. You can see the results at and

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