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ETE BayArea Newsletter April 2017

European Railway Notes

Last time I described the region free DVD player I got to view my Channel Tunnel BluRay and the DVD of the class 44 from a magazine I ordered from Germany. This time I want to talk more about the magazine and the DVD that came with it. The magazine is Eisenbahn Journal Extra 2 2015 – Baureihen 44 und 85.

The magazine covers the class 44 in detail with one section about the class 85. I didn’t know that both the class 44 and 85 used very similar hardware. From Wikipedia, the running gear and the superheated steam components are the same for both locomotives. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this magazine because I can’t read most of the German text. How can this be? The photographs show the locomotives in their natural habitat: running past the old semaphore signals, taking on oil, even passing a hump signal (prototype for Marklin 7043). I enjoy the photos even without being able to read all of the captions.

Even more than the photos, I learned a lot from the very detailed drawings of both locos. These drawings are very well reproduced, crisp lines, very high resolution. I had known that the DB class 44 had three cylinders, but I wasn’t clear how the third cylinder was integrated into the overall frame of the locomotive. The drawings and photos helped me understand how this all worked. The slide valve for the third cylinder was actually offset to the right to clear the underside of the boiler. In the photos of the front of the loco you can see a semi-circular cutout in the lower right of the smoke box door to clear the slide valve itself. This can be seen in the photo on the cover of the magazine. The photos of the locomotive being built show the second driving wheelset has a crankshaft instead of a straight axle. This is how the third cylinder powered the locomotive.

It isn’t that hard to translate some of the text in the magazine. You can type words and phrases into Google translate and when you learn a few words, you can get the meaning of many of the photo captions.

The DVD of the class 44 was also good, but the resolution was not. I think this is because the DVD was made from film taken many years ago which doesn’t look very good on a modern HD display. The audio is all in German of course, but that didn’t really matter for me. Seeing the class 44, in the wild, passing semaphores and the disc distant signals was great. It gives a new perspective to the BR 44 model I have, seeing it ‘unter dampf.’ I’m confident we all have many aspects of our modeling that would be enhanced by seeing video of our models in action.

I was pleasantly surprised how much I learned and how much I have enjoyed a magazine even when I can’t read most of it. I encourage you to do the same for whatever aspects of the German prototype you are interested in.

Photo by Brian Hitchcock

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