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Model Railroading — Blog Post #12

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ETE BayArea Newsletter May 2017

European Railway Notes

I received several photos from ETE member Dave Cowl showing the new Gotthard Base Tunnel emergency trains. The photos were taken in the stations of Erstfeld and Bellinzona in Switzerland. The tunnel’s north end is in the city of Erstfeld and the south end is near the city of Biasca. Photo 1 shows on of the trains in the Bellinzona station which is south of Biasca. Switzerland has cantons, like we have states, and Erstfeld is in the canton of Uri. The coat of arms for Uri is the bull which we see on one of the rescue trains (Photo 2). Biasca is a town in the district of Riviera in the canton of Ticino and their coat of arms has a serpent, eagle and two keys. Photo 3 shows the Biasca coat of arms on the other rescue train.

Photo1 Rescue train at Bellinzona station. Photo by Dave Cowl.

Photo2.  Rescue train at Erstfeld station. Photo by Dave Cowl.

Photo3 . Rescue train from Biasca. Photo by Dave Cowl.

On the Uri rescue train we see that it is equipped to deliver ‘water foam’. This is shown in German (Wasser Schaum), French (Eau Mousse) and Italian (Acqua Schiuma). We don’t see any pantographs on the rescue trains since they have to be self contained so they can’t rely on the overhead power.

In Photo 4 we see the part of the rescue train that carries a tank which I assume contains the foam used for fire fighting. On top of the tank there are four disks that I assume are antennas for the many different radio systems you would need for a rescue train. The cab ends of the trains appear to have similar antennas (Photo 2 and 3).

Photo4 . Rescue train tank car. Photo by Dave Cowl.

Thanks to Dave Cowl for providing the photos. If you have any railway photos from your trips, I would like to use them for future articles.

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