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European Railway Notes Febuary 2017

Tunnels Part 2

So what do we do when we need to move things around while we are building a railway tunnel? We build another railway of course! It is, after all, all about railways! While the Channel Tunnel was being built, a separate construction railway was setup inside the tunnel. As the tunnel boring machines were working their magic, the material that was being dug out, called spoil or muck, was moved to the ends of the tunnel by this narrow gauge railway. As the tunnels advanced, this railway brought in the concrete segments used to line the tunnel. Photos of both of these activities can be found at the links below.



For the Channel Tunnel, roughly 5 million cubic meters of chalk marl were removed and all of that material is now the 74 acre Samphire Hoe Country Park at the base of Shakespeare Cliff. The main tunnels passed near this location, but in order to get all that chalk marl out of the tunnel up to what would become this park, another smaller tunnel was built. This access tunnel, called an adit, had a gentle slope, gentle enough that the construction railway trains could get up the slope from the main tunnels to dump the spoil to create the park. The concrete plant where all the tunnel lining segments were made was also located at this site. At one point, there were five parallel narrow gauge tracks in this adit carrying spoil out and tunnel lining segments in.

I think it would be interesting to add a tunnel portal to my layout and have a construction train exiting the tunnel. I looked for a model I could use for the train itself and found the Busch Feldbahn assortment. In keeping with my previous articles on rescue trains, I found a fire train, Busch 12119.


For a train for carrying the spoil out of the tunnel, we have Busch 12006.

Photo4_Multiple Busch_model_trains_including_Busch_12006

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