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Marklin Info Tage 2014, Marklin 48334
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ETE Express Newsletter January 2016

Multiple versions of the Marklin Info-Tage car 2014?

I have been collecting the Marklin Info-Tage cars since the 2009 tank car. I like the cars since they are all related to locomotive servicing. For 2014, the Info-Tage car was a powdered freight silo container car (Marklin item 48334) and when I saw it on Ebay, I bought it. When the car arrived, I inspected the car carefully. It was in perfect condition and it looked just like the illustration on the sticker on the end of the box. All was well and this car joined the others on my layout. So where is the story? My car is shown in the photo below.

Photo by Brian Hitchcock

I was reviewing a web site that shows photos of the Info-Tage cars and I saw a photo of the same 2014 Info-Tage car, but it wasn’t the same.

From this second photo we see external pipes. These pipes are attached to the silos and appear to go underneath the car. On the same web site, they have a photo of the box for item 48334. The photo shows the end of the box which has an image of the car.

Photo by Brian Hitchcock

I don’t see these pipes in the image on the box. I checked the box my car came in and it has the same image. At this point, I was confused. Are there two versions of this car? And if there are, why would Marklin choose to make two versions? I posted on to see if anyone else could confirm what I was seeing. I got a response from someone that had purchased item 48334 when they attended the actual Info-Tage event. They confirmed that their car does have the external pipes. Now that I have confirmed that this car does exist with the external pipes, and my car does not have them, I have some questions. Marklin must have made some cars with the pipes. Is it possible Marklin sold the cars with pipes at the Info-Tage event and then, somehow, made cars without pipes that made their way to me via Ebay? I assume the official story, if I asked Marklin, would be that they only sold these cars at the event, so how would they know which cars would be resold? Or, perhaps they simply made some cars with and without the pipes, but again, what would cause Marklin to do this. It appears that there are two versions of Marklin item 48334. If you know why this happened, please let me know, and if you have this car with the pipes, I’m interested in acquiring it for my collection!

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