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Replacing a Roof — Blog Post #1

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When I suddenly needed roof repair, I went online, and the information I wanted most was how much does a new roof cost and how long will it take. Everyone’s roof is different, and each roofing project will have different requirements and costs, but, in general, a new roof is about $15,000 and takes about 5 working days. Our house also needed painting so we did that right after the roofing work was completed and that cost about $6,000 and took about 3 working days. I provide much more detail on all of this in the posts that follow.

My house just before roof replacement began. Photo by Brian Hitchcock

During April 2017 we had very high winds and many of the asphalt shingles of our 30-year old roof came off. We had our roof replaced and because of a lot of dry rot problems that were discovered as the old roof was removed, we had to have additional work done. We also decided to have some architectural changes made to the roof line which were not required to repair the roof. Overall, we ended up having 4 separate contracts with Banner Roofing and all of them were completed with a very high level of quality and they exceeded our expectations on all fronts.

I don’t have any background in construction and I don’t have any family or friends in the industry. I have never before needed to repair or replace a roof so I had no prior experience. When I went looking for a contractor to fix our roof, I think I was in the position most people are in when they need a new roof: I needed to find someone to do a good job, but I didn’t know anything about roofing.

My search for a contractor to repair our roof was affected by my previous experiences. We had some work done by Home Depot about two years ago and the experience was bad. The work that was done was not what we contracted for, even some of the materials they used were not what was agreed to and was of lower quality. In the end, Home Depot gave me a 20% refund, which was good, but didn’t change the fact that what we contracted for was not what was done. Because of this, I didn’t want to go work with anyone associated with a large company, let alone a big box store.

Several years ago the fence along one side of our yard was blown over during a winter storm. I worked with our neighbors and found a local contractor to do the needed work. My neighbors had needed to have some fence repair work done on the other side of their property, not the fence that we shared. They decided to hire a friend of a friend. The person they hired showed up, got paid in full, did half of the fencing job and was never seen again. I had always wondered why the fence on that side of their property looked like it wasn’t finished. Turns out it really wasn’t finished. As I went looking for a roofing contractor, I wanted to make sure they were licensed, had insurance, and would provide some assurances that they would complete the work I was going to pay for.

I searched online for roofing contractors and found Banner Roofing on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. I was impressed that it was a family business, quite the opposite of my previous experience with Home Depot. I liked that they had been in business for 24 years and were accredited by the BBB. The BBB website includes a link to request a quote which I did. I was pleased that Mike Banner called me right away and we setup an appointment to look at our roof.

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