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Volunteering, Niles Canyon Railway
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January 10, 2015

This was my first time volunteering at NCRY since I worked on the Train of Lights during Thanksgiving week of 2008. Since I had volunteered a few times before, I knew how to get to Brightside, how to get through the gate and where I could park. I had emailed several weeks before to find out what safety equipment I needed to have before I came out to work on Maintenance of Way (MOW). I had my hardhat, safety vest, steel toe boots, hearing protection, safety glasses and gloves.

Once I arrived and parked I found the other MOW volunteers and we went to clean up at Shinn, near Alameda Creek. The railway has rented space from Alameda County for a long time for storage, but the agreement has run out and we need to remove all of our stuff by May 2015. I helped load two pallets of rail joiners to take back to Brightside. I could only carry one of the rail joiners at a time, everything on the railway is bigger and heavier than it appears.

We also did some brush cutting at Shinn, both the help us uncover things that we needed to remove as well as to create a pathway to allow others to come along later to remove the things that were too heavy for us to remove on our own.

Volunteering, Niles Canyon Railway

January morning at Brightside.

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